Cyber Bay Group

Cyber Bay Group (CBG) is an international IT company equipped with full vertical service capacities for future city planning and designing, investment, construction, implementation, and operation.

With its specialties in research and development, products and services, and cross-industry operational experiences, CBG conducts business covering multiple areas related to future cities, including IT consulting, future city planning, master designing, overall solutions and services, software and big data talent training and practicing, software and big data testing, industrial incubation, smart park (community) planning, construction and operation, as well as the integrated construction and operation of new science and technology cities.

Our Vision

As a future city operator, CBG is devoted to the solution of the universal predicaments in global urbanization process such as technology level is not high enough, fusion level between industries and cities is insufficient, and smart city is not smart.


In emerging markets, CBG cooperates with local governments closely on digital transformation, industrial structure adjustment, smart city construction and other areas, which forms a win-win collaboration mode and generates great values in talent training, professional services, investment attraction, industry cultivation, etc.

In the future, CBG will continue to enhance its capabilities to integrate resources to become a global leader in connecting technologies and industrial capacities to building an ecosystem for future city operations.

Future City Landscape

The construction and operation of future cities are extremely complex. They demand comprehensive capabilities of future city operators in terms of talent pool, technology, capital and government policies. CBG is one of the few qualified future city operators in the globe.


Leveraging big data, artificial intelligence and other cutting edge technologies, CBG is establishing a human-centralized future city demonstration zone. Its projects include the world's most professional big data software outsourcing service center and the world's largest big data and AI training center, supporting the high-tech industry park to fulfill the operational needs of future cities. CBG believes that by building future cities, cultivating high-tech talents and incubating high-tech companies, we can help people achieve better lives.

Cyber Brain

CBG has a number of core technologies for the future city construction and operation. Cyber Brain is one of the key technologies.


Cyber Brain is a next generation core operating system for future cities. Fully utilizing new emerging technologies such as big data, cloud computing, AI, IoT and blockchain, Cyber Brain processes, stores, analyzes and utilizes all data from the future cities to promote the development of the innovative industries and to provide all kinds of smart services for future cities (such as smart industry park, smart living, smart transportation, smart health, smart building, smart home and smart security).


CBG developed a personalized and adaptive learning platform that maps the trainee's learning content with his or her personal profile and career goals in an interactive and game-like learning mode. And real world projects provide trainees chances to practice their knowledge and skills.

The CBG talent center has more than 4000-hour modular curriculum that cover 8 cutting-edge technology areas - Big Data, AI, Block Chain, Cloud Computing, VR, IOT, Software Risk Control, and DevOps.

CBG has its own talent centers that train hundred thousands people who could provide end-to-end support for R&D, testing, implementation and professional service for future cities.

CBG led and jointly founded the Global Future City Alliance(GFCA).


GFCA is a non profit international organization registered in the United States. The alliance focuses on smart city industry. It is an international communication and cooperation platform which integrates standard research and development, technology application promotion, industry chain cooperation, talent training, investment and financing.

Members of the alliance include NGOs, government agencies, research institutions, companies, investment and fund firms.


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